Erf day

What a symbolic piece of….nothing.

Symbolism works, I guess, for some people. Makes ’em feel all smug and warm and fuzzy inside or something.

But those well meaning folks will return to their inefficient apartment, in the car that they drove to the Earth Day celebrations, and continue to live their lifestyles, not changing them one bit. I call that hypocrisy.

When they get home they will, no doubt, Feel Good, for they will think that they Have Made A Difference…

Except that they won’t have made any difference whatsoever.

Until you change your lifestyle, and convince others to do so voluntarily, then you have not Made A Difference….you have only wasted your time. Singing Kumbayah won’t make a difference. Chanting won’t make a difference. Marching together in lockstep for a few miles won’t make a difference

Cleaning up a park, or a forest does NOTHING to change the earth. If you want to Make A Difference, then BUY a forest….Create habitat for the warm fuzzy (nonhuman) denizens of our earth. If you believe in the Goracle’s words, then reduce your carbon usage….(But to do so you’ll have to change your lifestyle)….reduce your waste stream. Use less energy. You’ll have to do things which are inconvenient to you.

But this symbolic shit, for one day only, is at best mental masturbation..