Because she asked

Brigid is a wonderful friend of mine. Not only on the interwebz, but in Real Life. What is important to her is, by definition of “friend”, important to me.

She asked me to post this. Likely, if you read my blog, you also read hers. But, just in case:

Please, go read. Donate if you can. Or not. You have free will… But I think the kids and wife are gonna have a hard enough time, and a donation can help with one small part of their struggle. And enough small donations make for a really big help.

Help demonstrate the power of the Internet.

Thank you.

One thought on “Because she asked

  1. I was thanked by B&B with the words "you guys report to duty". That is it. A duty. A duty to my fellow man. A duty to honor the friendship with Brigid and as an extension to those that are in need. A duty to honor what is in my soul.

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