Should I call her ” Vera”?

At the gunshow on Sat. I sold one, and bought another….Traded a handgun for FRN’s and then, before they devalued too much farther while I was holding them…., I used them to buy a longgun.  (gotta love a state where FTF purchases are legal)

“She’s a 26” heavy barrelled Savage 112 in .223 with a Timney trigger topped with a Weaver “classic” scope….”

I may well have to call her “Vera”.

Or something.

Claimed accuracy is 1.1″ at 100 yds….Said claim made after I had purchased it, so I have little reason to doubt the man. Said he was selling it to generate cash for Cowboy Action firearms…

The stock needs a bit of work (dents and scratches), but the metal is pristine. The trigger is SWEET!…. Rifling is clean and sharp, and the crown is either recently turned or it has less than a  thousand rounds through it……Bluing is even and has no scratches. The scope is clean and sharp.

Likely the rifle will shoot better than I will be able to.My hands are not as steady as they were when I learned to shoot 25+ years ago.

We shall see.

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