100 years ago….


The M1911 was adopted by the United States Army.

A good thing.

There may be more modern pistols available, but the 1911 has existed for 100 years….for a reason.

I own 4 examples of the design, and several variations…I carry one nearly every day.

Thank you, Mr. Browning.

3 thoughts on “100 years ago….

  1. I'm not a fan of the 1911, yet.


    Perhaps when it has been around a few more years I'll break down and buy one. Recommendations?

  2. There are two types of people.

    The type that read this and appreciate the fun interplay and kidding about the 1911 and are not likely to find me and kill me.

    And the other type is a 1911 owner…


    Not yet, not soon enough, but at some point I'll be a 1911 owner.

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