wonder if this is how the Greek protests started???

So it would seem that the good union folks in Madison have decided to protest the fact that they will now be treated as all the rest of the citizens will be treated. Like those in the private sector, public sector folks might actually have to take a hit on retirement, pay, and benefits.

Seems that they are angry that they have to be treated as the rest of us are….And that they cannot keep gorging at the public trough. That the rest of the Citizens will not sacrifice more in order that they should not have to deal with tougher economic times…

Too fuckin’ bad they, boys and girls. You got great bennies, AND great pay for a long time. Now the Gravy Train seems to be losing steam, and you want all your perks to continue, even though there isn’t any cash to pay for them.

And why you think that as a public servant you have the right to strike, (or even do a sick out) I have no idea. Want to be able to strike?? Find a private sector job. As it is, you are getting benefits and retirements that most private sector folks would love to have…(Unless you work for GM or something….and we know how that business plan seems to be working….

Will they riot? Throw cheese? They are already threatening violence against the folks who are making the laws……You know, those duly elected representatives of the people?

Or does Democracy only work when you agree with what is happening?I wonder what would happen if all of us who are unhappy with Obamacare chose to demand (with violence and threats) that Obamacare be repealed…..

I also think that if any of those protesters who called in sick can be identified ion the capitol grounds, then there should be disciplinary action taken.

But hear me. and take note folks..

This is how  the Greek troubles began. And it ended with people dead and injured and millions of dollars in property damage…All so no one would feel any economic pain and so that their individual happiness could be paid for by others.

(note….the Greeks are all but socialists, and Unions are too.)

Expect more like this, until things get better…… if they do.