First of all: I think that the shooting in Tucson is a tragedy. No matter who did it, no matter what the reasons, no matter what the  political affiliations of ANY of the parties, at no point can I see any reason or set of circumstances where this is in any way justified. 

My condolences go out to the victims and to the families of the victims, both the survivors and the others who were not lucky enough to survive.

I’d point out that the perpetrator (alleged) of the incident was apprehended not by police, but by bystanders. By people who chose not to run, or to hide, or to crouch down and hope that they were missed, but rather chose to DO SOMETHING, and in doing so, put themselves into harms way to stop this.

While I think it is a tragedy that the Tucson shooter did what he did, one thing stands out in the press reporting of the incident:

He doesn’t fit any of their preconceived notions. None. They tried to link him to the right, and that wouldn’t fit or fly…..No links to Palin, Bush, the NRA, GOA, Rush Limbaugh, or anything else that fit their preconceived notions of who would be the type of person who would do such a thing. None of them. Despite their questioning of every classmate, of every neighbor, of every person who might have served coffee to this individual, they cannot find anything that points Right…nothing….Yet they keep trying. The spin machine is chugging merrily along, yet can’t seem to get any traction. One would almost think that there was a playbook for such incidents. I find that thought sad and disturbing…….but sadly not impossible. The sad fact is that he was a leftist (if anything)…He was a flag burner, whose favorite books were “Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto…His classmates describe him as “extremely liberal”….. Yet they blame the Right for this….I would hope that the Left would decry his actions as strongly as the Right does….

The reality is that few of the people who the MSM’s  first thought to blame are likely to perpetrate such an atrocity. Few Right leaning people are likely to be so violent. Period. While our side of the fence has it’s share of truly psychotic individuals, even those individuals are less inclined to do violence in such a manner than many left leaning folks. If those of us on the Right were half as violent as the left leaning MSM thought, and made us out to be, then such incidents would be greater in scope and significantly more prevalent.

And were they to choose to do so, they are likely to do an even greater amount of slaughter. But it seems that the left has the more violent, sociopathic individuals (and more of them). Why? Is it the lack of accountability in their social morality? Is it a cultural thing, where such violent protest is acceptable and accepted? Is it an admiration of the anarchists that they so revere? Or is it something else? How, in any worldview is such slaughter ever acceptable?

And what does it say about those people with an agenda that they would be so quick to blame their opponents and to use such a tragedy in an attempt to further their own goals even before the blood has been cleaned up? I find that sick.

I hope they fry his ass, slowly. And if, as alleged, he has an accomplice, I hope they catch him or her as well, and fry them too.