Its too late, Steve

Y’ see….I had a Ipod. The “Classic” model….. I liked it…then a few years ago, I got an Ipod Touch for Christmas…I liked that even better. I liked the apps, I liked the Wi-Fi. I liked a lot of the features.

So when my phone began to die, I naturally wanted an IPhone. I even waited, because there was no way in hell that I was going to sign up again with ATT for another 2 years (one experience with them was MORE than enough, thank you). I liked my current carrier, Verizon….I eagerly searched every rumor on the net to find out when your current contract exclusive with ATT expired….I waited for 6 months, hanging on every rumor that even hinted that Verizon was going to get the IPhone…..When I read that you had signed up again with ATT for another year of exclusivity, I stopped waiting.

I researched for alternatives….I needed another phone, and since I couldn’t get an IPhone on the carrier of my choice (Verizon), I looked at their offerings. I found Android. And It Was Good.

7 months ago, I purchased a DroidX…I liked it. It does everything I wanted my IPhone to do. It even syncs up to my ITunes library really nicely.  2 mouse clicks more, and I have all my music.  What do I need an IPhone for?

You ass. You could have had me become a real IPhone fanboi. Yet you teased, and hinted too long. I grew tired of waiting. I grew tired of the hints and the delays. I grew tired of feeling like the guy on a date with the c–ktease girl. I asked another girl to dance…..

Now Google Android phones are in the market. Once again, much like Apple computers were years ago, you will be relegated to a niche market. You let the world discover another option. Android will beat you. Your once world-class IPhone is now just another choice out of many. You could have been king of the world, yet you chose to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. You will sell many IPhones. No doubt the customers of ATT are salivating for the chance to jump to another carrier. Many of them will buy a Verizon-enabled IPhone. But the (millions?) rest of us have tasted the Android system. And we no longer want an IPhone. You pissed away a chance to dominate. I hope that ATT gave you lotsof cash to forgo all the money that you could have made from folks like me. I bet they didn’t pay you enough. The rest of us will buy Android. And you will lose more market share.

You are a fool. And you have lost. You just don’t know it yet. The downfall of the IPhone will become an example in Marketing 101 on How To Fail.   In 5 years or so, you will follow Blackberry and RIM into oblivion in the phone market.

You didn’t have to.  But you will.