You whiney little pissants:

Seems that the folks being asked to leave Cabrini Green in Chicago (some after 30 years) are unhappy that they are being moved.


Moved by the city.

The city is paying for the move.

After living cheaply (or no payments at all) for years and years and years.

Yet they bitch.

About someone paying for their move from a place where they paid no rent to one where they won’t.

And we wonder why the country is broke. It’s not like they have paid rent for….you know, some of them up to 30 years…..If they don’t like it, I see them as free to choose their own apartment or house AND PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES! Or stop bitching about what is given to you.

I’d throw them out on their ass.

2 thoughts on “You whiney little pissants:

  1. "I'd throw them out on their ass."

    SRSLY? Thirty muthafreakin' years on the public dole? Did ya notice the vehicle she drove off in? It's a boatload newer and nicer than mine – no wonder she doesn't "have it in her budget."

    Just wow…

  2. What horseshit. I'd throw them out on their head, it seems to be the thickest part of them.

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