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I think it is a Good Idea. While tampering with the Constitution is best approached with caution and forethought, this idea, to have another hold on our federal government’s power, sounds like a good idea.

This will allow states to have the power override the power currently held by the political parties. (See also: Obamacare). It would give the states (should there be a 2/3 majority agreeing) the power to overrule our legislative and executive branch. While this may end up not turning out to be a Good Thing, I really at this time do not see the downside. After all, the state legislators represent us too, right? 

In fact, one wonders why it should be a 2/3 majority? If you cannot find enough people who will be satisfied with a law, and can, instead find a simple majority of states which oppose it, is the law really a Good Law?

While very Heinleinesque in form, it does have the possibility of turning out well. And I really don’t see the downside.

(and if you don’t understand the Heinlein reference, order this book and you will. If you haven’t read it, you should)