Via Insty we have THIS.

With a warning that you might want to wear a tinfoil hat, I think it is worth reading.

I have wondered for a while if we, as a people, are being conditioned. These scanners are just one example. TV shows are always setting an example of a Law Enforcement agency chasing the Bad Guy, and easily looking at his telephone, cell phone, and internet records without a warrant. They just enter his name in the computer and find all the incriminating evidence. Think about this. It isn’t reality….Yet. But it is always shown in a good light, as helping catch the Evil Bad Guy.The invasion of privacy is a Good Thing when Law Enforcement does it.

But the movies for many years showed similar scanners in a good light, even before they were real (or at least implemented).

Yet now we have the move to cow us into accepting an invasive scan. How much of this is fumbling on the part of the TSA, and how much is it an experiment to see if we are conditioned enough to accept it? (And how much of it is motivated by profit?).

Just something to think about after you get your shiny hat adjusted…..