Until, of course, after the elections.

Make no mistake, the left, and Holder are playing for keeps. The justice department (not capitalized for a reason) wants to keep this until things are settled after the election. Having the law held in abeyance will help them in the polls. And they know they need all the help they can get.

Dirty pool, but legal. And the court says that “the only effect of the district court’s injunction in this case is to preserve a status quo that has existed for a long period of time.”….IN other words…We like it they way it is, and we don’t see an immediate need to change things.

What happens to the governor, and her LEOs if she decides to tell the court to go piss up a rope and begins following the law as it is enacted? Would the feds really be willing to push the issue enough to arrest her? It would bring the issue to a boil even faster….Wonder if she has the guts?