Hey! Barry and his people like crack

Crack Cocaine, that is…

Seems that Crack, which has destroyed poorer neighborhoods ….a disproportionately higher number of black
neighborhoods…..and a higher number of black citizens are arrested for possession than any other race…..

So what is the solution? Reduce the penalty for possession of crack….

Yeah, that’ll help/ It’ll keep fewer black folks (and, lets face it, fewer of everyone) from being tossed in prison….But IT WON”T HELP THE DRUG PROBLEM.

Gotta keep the racial balance and all that….Fools.

1 thought on “Hey! Barry and his people like crack

  1. They dropped the amount from 100g to 18 which is the same jail time everywhere I have checked, so it looks like they are blowing happy smoke up every bodies butt again.

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