So I get this box today, via USPS…..It is addressed to me. The outside of the box says “Magpul UBR Utility/Battle rifle stock”…Whuttt?

I says to myself……Did I order a rifle stock???? Might be that I did and I just forgot……Nah….?

It’s from some guy in  Knoxville…..? Did I order something from someone in Knoxville? Who do I know in Knoxville? Hmmmm….

I am sure that I didn’t order another collapsible stock for my AR…..I think? Long time backorder maybe?

Could be…..? Nah, I am sure I didn’t order anything Magpul…..I already own half their catalog…..

Wait….Magpul is in, like, Boulder, CO or someplace like that, right?…..So WTF?  Over?

I dunno?

Then, carefully, I opened my pocketknife and slit the tape….

Gently peeking under the flap…..Nope,  no wires or anything like that…..I think it’s not a bomb or anything (I hope)…I opened it further….

To find the copy of “Oren’s War” that is being passed on to me from Linoge at

Not only recycling books, but boxes too. Lowering the carbon footprint and all that.

Betcha AlGore doesn’t do that.

Now I gotta send Linoge a check for postage….And handling…..Wonder what the handling fee is gonna be????

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  1. Good to hear that it made it in one piece, but, damn, I was never expecting that kind of reception ;).

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