Playing nasty

“Dear Laser Enthusiasts,
   This announcement is to let the laser community know that our laser
   hobby is currently under attack. Last month, we received a cease
   and desist letter from Lucasfilm demanding that we discontinue,
   recall and modify our laser products they referred to as
   “lightsabers” or face imminent legal action.
   CNN – ‘Star Wars’ creator says laser too much like lightsaber
   Lasers are have a wide variety of applications in the scientific,
   medical, and industrial fields. We cannot allow George Lucas to
   threaten the livelihood and freedom of laser and flashlight
   technology.  Science developed from decades of research should not
   be owned by science fiction.

   Check out the eBay auction for your chance to win the original
   cease and desist letter, a piece of Star Wars history!


    Please help the cause by participating in the Lasers for Liberty
    community and by signing the petition to Lucasfilm.

    Help keep laser technology free and thanks for reading this email”

O jesus, you’d think they’d have a clue…

Bad publicity is generally not worth the effort. But apparently Lucasfilms  will do anything to “protect” their image…More likely, they are pissed that they didn’t think of the idea first.

I hope my laser ships soon.