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So the leftists and the media (sorry for the redundancy) are screaming about the violence done by the blockade runners against the Israelis. Actually, in their view, I have it wrong….

Lets see: The Jewish type folks stated that they would turn back the convoy of “aid”. They offered an alternative point of debarkation (and, of course, a search for non-humanitarian aid) and were refused. The Israelis did what they said that they would do,

When the “aid” flotilla was stopped for a search, violence broke out. Men with guns (professional soldiers) reacted. To save their lives.

And these “blockade runners” have the temerity to whine about the results?

Fuck’em. Those who died or were injured deserved what they got. While the Israelis may be foolish about some things, they are serious about their security. Like Rachel Carson Corrie, they learned the lesson the hard way.

And if the convoy was composed entirely of humanitarian supplies, they’d have gone the way the Israelis suggested and offered.

Now if the press would give up trying to sway things against the EVIL JOOZ, things would get back to normal sooner and we’d all be happier.
ETA: Seems that some of the MSM is finding a clue

ETA2: Via LawDog we find an example of seriously large brass balls alongside an example of tolerance by the other protesters.

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  1. Rachel Carson was the envirowhacko who wrote "Silent Spring" I think Rachel Corrie was the bulldozer-flattened nimrod you might be referring to.

    Not trying to be a pedantic prick, it just comes easy to me. And it's entirely possible I misunderstood the whole post.

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