In other words “you get nothing”

Seems the meeting between Mr. O and Jan Brewer, Gov of AZ. went “cordially”. But there was no meeting of minds, and no promises of any additional action by the feds to help the illegal immigration issues experienced by Arizona.

All Ms. Brewer got was “The governor said she is encouraged there will be “much better dialog between the federal government and the state of Arizona” on border security and immigration reform.”

In other words, Obama told her to go pound sand.  Apparently she replied in a similar manner.
So now the Big O will help to get a lawsuit against the law started…and lets the citizens of AZ continue to suffer.

So much for defending the citizens of this country which he was chosen to lead. He’d rather pander to a bunch of folks who might, someday, be bothered to vote (and if he has his way, they will be able to…and likely for any candidate with a “D” after his name)