It’s not my fault!

It’s still all Bush’s fault.

While there is a lot of policy carryover from one administration to another, and decisions made in one administration can take years for the effects to be felt and even more years to fix, this is bullshit. No one on the left took the time to blame Clinton or Carter for many of the issues which Reagan or the Bushs had to deal with after their predecessors left office.

It has been a year. No matter how you slice it, the issues are now the property of the O. Period. While we might have cut him some slack in the first 6 months, that time has passed….long ago. The issues are as much his as 9-11 was the property of GWB a few short months after his inauguration.

Will he of unicorns and rainbows still be blaming Bush in 2012? When is the cutoff date for blaming your predecessor? I’d like to know so I can know when to stop blaming you, Mr. Obama , for the mess you have made of this countries economy, and for all of your social(ist) programs.

Such leadership the Democrats are showing. Such driving, intelligent management they demonstrate.