Inaction at its finest.

We also learned yesterday that another maritime law, also from 1920, is a stumbling block to the clean-up efforts. Over a dozen nations have offered assistance, as they have equipment and experience in cleaning oil spills. However, the Jones Act prohibits foreign operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Known as Section 27 of the Maritime Act of 1920, the Jones Act deals with ‘cabotage’, or coastal shipping. The act is meant to protect the U.S. maritime industry such that only U.S. flagged vessels, crewed by at least 75% U.S. citizens, conducting commercial operations in U.S. waters. In 2005, the Bush administration waived the Jones Act in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

To date, no waiver has been requested, nor does the O apparently wish to have one.

Miles and miles of oil boom are waiting for the Obama Administration to approve for use in the gulf. So far, no action. In fact, they (despite being contacted by the manufacturer) had no idea that there was any boom available. Asleep at the wheel? Again? 

Perhaps they can spin this in order to lay the blame on President Bush. 

Look: The oil rig explosion and the resulting oil gusher are not the fault of President Unicorn. While his policies may have facilitated (or not prevented) it, the fact that it happened is not the fault of the administration. But the response is. Again, the press (and the Democrats, but that is redundant) blamed Bush because everyone didn’t get a new house 90 days after Katrina. While no bureaucracy ever works perfectly, there is a point at which someone has to deal with things, cut thorough the red tape and bullshit and just get things done.

And ya don’t get that with a bunch of community activists aided by a bunch of academics.

This country is in the best of hands. Seriously. Just ask ’em.