Father’s day

Today is Fathers Day. The day we recognize and honor those men who are our fathers.

Sadly, many men are sperm donors, but never fathers.
I am lucky. I had a father. Still do, so I am doubly lucky. I am not half the man he is, and sadly, will likely never have the chance to be a father, much less one like him.

My Dad taught me how to be a man, How to stand fast, and do what is right, to be dependable as you can be. To make your word your honor. Because of my father, I can build nearly anything, fix anything that can be fixed. He took the time to do his best to teach me those skills which he felt were useful to a man in the world which he inhabited.

In the main, he was correct in his choices of skills to teach. He taught me to weld, to be a carpenter, a plumber, a veterinarian, a mechanic…..He taught me patience (as much as I can be) and honor, and compassion.  He taught me to never fight unless needed, but then to fight with all the ferocity and violence I could muster. These lessons have served me well through my life. I am a better man today because I had him as a father.

While I am far from a perfect son, seldom exhibiting the traits he wishes for in a firstborn, he still shows me respect and patience and honor. He holds in his disappointment, seldom letting it show that he wishes he had a son with so many other traits.

Thanks, Dad.
There is more I should say, but I don’t know how.
 Love ya.

2 thoughts on “Father’s day

  1. Your Dad sounds a lot like mine was…lucky men, we are.

  2. You can say what needs ot be said, and you know how.

    You say it by living the way he taught you to live. I barely know you, but it looks like you're doing OK.

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