Religion of peace my white hairy ass


Me, I’d learn to carry, up my Situational Awareness, and shoot anyone who looked muslim who came within 20 feet of me and acted in any way threatening….. But then they’d win.

Lucky for me, I am not they. And no one (so far) has issued a fatwah against me (at least, as far as I know).

So much for the religion of peace. 

3 thoughts on “Religion of peace my white hairy ass

  1. A bit of devil's advocate–Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church claims to be Christian.

    I do agree that radical Muslims are a bigger percentage of Muslims, and more dangerous than radical Christians. I don't think they make a majority, especially of those in the US.

  2. Good point.

    But the rest of us decry the actions of Phelps and his ilk.

    Not so in this instance, or others like it

  3. Islam is toxic to human life. If a muslim acts to enslave or murder a non muslim, he is following the letter of Muslim law. If a Christian does this, he is DISOBEYING the letter of Christian law.

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