Range day

Spent the afternoon turning money into smoke, noise, and dead bowling pins.

I missed connections with Og, was gonna shoot with him. We were gonna shoot .22 rifles, but since he and I missed connections, I and Midwest Chick shot at non threatening, yet somehow menacing bowling pins with pistols…… I practiced my reload drills. Next time I am gonna have someone load the first mag with random numbers of cartridges to make my reloads happen more often, or even have them load a snap cap in order to get my malf drills up to speed.

Range was windy and cool, but nice. No one else there.

It always amazes me how much abuse a bowling pin will withstand.

Home now to clean the pistols.

Sorry Og…. next time…You have my cell # now, so you can call.

Can anyone explain how  an email can get held up for 3+ hours between AOL and Yahoo?

2 thoughts on “Range day

  1. I do now have your name and number on my phone, so next time we may actually have a shot. (sic)

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