More Chilean earthquake news and commentary

Via Ferfal. While he may be biased (and he IS promoting his book), he does have some interesting thingson his Blog.


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Money quote:  “It also depends a lot on how lucky you are. Its easy to say this or that only happened to a few hundred or a few thousand. But when it happens to you its 100%.

MSM story HERE

Think. What happens to YOU if it happens here? Gonna depend on the goobermint?  If Katrina is an example, you’re gonna starve before they get to you.

 You gonna go into one of their shelters for food and water? What about your pets/livestock?

What about your posessions? Gonna leave them for others to acquire?

Have a plan. Have preps. Your plans will go to shit moments afterwards, but an imperfect plan (any plan at all) is better than no plan.. You can adapt your plan…..If you have one. And someone with no plan and no preps has no options.

You can, of course, always shut your eyes, click your heels together three times and say “It can’t happen to me, It can’t happen to me, It can’t happen to me“,  But in the end without preps, you will have no choice for your self, your family, and your friends. You will have to depend on a dysfunctional government agency to survive. If they get there in time.

Or you can stand up and fend for yourself, and be free.

You decide…… Free citizen? Or Subject?