Just something for thought….

Post Earthquake experiences in Chile….”I had to shoot people

Now I know, yer thinking….”But that’s Chile, this is America”.

Now, think New Orleans and Katrina. Still think that way? Chile is, for all intents and purposes, not that different that the US when it comes to it’s people. But desperate people do desperate things…

Do you have enough Ammo? I know that I, while well stocked, really don’t. Have you practiced using a firearm? If not, then the one you have, without practice and familiarity, is useless. Practice often!

And the other thing you gotta remember is that you gotta sleep sometime. Got plans? Folks you can trust? Preps?

Best to think and prepare now, rather than afterward.


ETA: Instapundit posts a link to this article….More food for thought.

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  1. Bleh. This is something of an exciting time to have purchased a house… But, once we get my wife settled with kitchen remodelling and updating the rest of the house, I will have all manner of space in which to store appropriate materials. More than the apartment had, that is for sure.

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