Yup, there’s a pattern here..

Seems the folks in Haiti are upset because no one is coming to their aid fast enough.

Now look. I’m feeling real sorry for these folks, and I pray that they get help as soon as possible. But to come up with that much response instantaneously is nearly impossible.

As it is, the amount of supplies is staggering, and they are arriving faster than they can be transported to those who need them. The infrastructure (roads) were bad enough BEFORE the quake. Now getting supplies to the needy is even harder.

So how do the citizens of Haiti (and especially on Port-Au-Prince help themselves? They loot shops and pile up roadblocks of corpses in protest.

Not dig others out, not clear roads. not build shelters. Loot and protest.

This behavior is much like some other poor people in another tragedy, in one of our southern states populated by folks with an African and French heritage and culture…Is it the culture? The genetics? Or is it the poverty which forces them into this sort of entitlement behavior? I have my own theory…..You draw your own conclusions.

Realize that other nearby countries are not nearly such shitholes as Haiti is (was)

But the pattern is there if you care to see it.