Put the “intellgence” back into the Intelligence game…

This piece via American Thinker hits the nail right on the head….It’s not a lack of intelligence, it is, rather, a lack of intelligence in dealing with it.

Like any bureaucracy, the intelligence game is full of mindless drones. And in normal times, that is ok. But now that is not ok. Just not getting fired is not enough. We need intelligent people, who can “connect the dots”, and do things right, each and every time.

Having people who are just putting in their time towards retirement is NOT going to keep the citizens of (and visitors to) this country safe.

“They” (the enemy, the jihadists) will keep trying. We must have people who are at least as cunning as “they” are to thwart “them”. Drones will not get the job done.

Civil service laws be damned. Get the right folks in there, and the pencil pushing REMFS who just need to get their time in, and their proper tickets punched the hell out of the “intelligence” game.

Or soon, we will have airlines falling from the skies, or a city turn into a green glass parking lot.