Kwikie gunshow report

Indy1500…spent the weekend selling Strike-Hold and other stuff for my company, 3 part supply…

Had only a few breaks, as budgetary considerations meant that we were one person short….

A few quick observations…:

Primers are back down to nearly what they should be.

.380 was available, if not as cheap as it should be….Same for nearly all other common calibers of pistol ammo.

Rifle ammo is also available, and again, not at the price it should be, although it is trending slightly downward. Really cheap surplus military calibers, however, seem to be MIA.

Cheap pistols did not seem to be selling, nor were expensive ones. Middle of the road stuff was selling briskly.

Rifle sales seemed to be slowing down, (except for collector stuff) and a LOT of .22 lookalikes/and conversion kits and/or dedicated uppers for AR and/or 1911’s were selling briskly as well.

The polikticians were out in full splendor, along with hordes of volunteers to tell us how pro second amendment and how conservative they all are.