He had a dream…

This speech from MLK was the one that have heard so many times….

One wonders what he might think of the members of the black race and culture in the US today…

I think he’d bury his head in his hands and cry in shame.

I think he’d be angry.

Make no mistake, many have fulfilled his dream, but so many have squandered it.

So many “Civil Rights” leaders who exist for themselves, not to help their brothers. So many “successful” athletes who fail to help even one other person from their neighborhood. So many black businesspersons who fail to teach others the methods of success.

And so many people who use the color of their skin to collect money from a government, and squander it, and fail to take advantage of the opportunity.

And so many people, black and white, who cannot see beyond the color of the skin, rather than the content of the character.

I think he’d be ashamed.