Think I’ll have some Cheeze with that Whine

This is a perfect example of why these people have no clue. This person wants his health care back ….I understand that. He wants health care that he can afford. I understand that too. He has no job, so he can’t afford the COBRA cost for the same coverage his employer subsidized. I understand THAT too. But the fact is that he has no clue as to what the health care really cost, not just his share, but with the amount that the employer had to kick in. This amount was pre-tax wages, and he fails to realize exactly what the cost for his health care was. Now all he can see is that he wants his cheap health care. He (like most liberals,….. actually, like most people, but conservatives don’t expect it) wants something for nothing.

Guess what dude: your health care is gonna be expensive. If you think that your health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free. It’s gonna cost you something like $350 a month as it is for the Obamacare plan. Since you have no job, what are you gonna use to pay for it? How are you gonna find the money for the plan that YOU HAVE NO CHOICE TO PAY FOR?

Your employer subsidized your health care plan when you were employed. Who is gonna do it now? Others are, that’s who. Your employer will be taxed to make up the difference. Bet he doesn’t hire too many people then. You think unemployment is bad now? Just wait.

All you seem to care is that you want what you had before.You had free or low cost health care because your employer paid for (subsidized) most of it. Now you want free or low cost health care and you want some other person or group of persons (like the “government”) to subsidize your health care.

Who is gonna pay the bills?