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on the “Islam is not evil” discussion started by Og and Roberta X….

Best one is HERE. Pay particular attention to the quote by Jefferson.

Since my stance seems to be twisted by peoples replies, I will state things as I see them.

1. Islam, in it’s fundamentalist form, is incompatible with the laws of the US.

2. You cannot be a practicing Muslim and be a good citizen, something must give.

3. “Tolerance” does not mean that you have the right to kill, maim, or in any way harm your daughters or other female family members because your religion says it is OK. Your personal beliefs must be subject to the laws of the US. Deal with it however you please, or go back home.

4. If you hate this country, leave. We like it with the laws that exist now. Want it to be like the Islamic shithole you left? Too bad. You wanna live under Islamic rule? Find another country that is ruled by the Koran. This one isn’t. You left that country for a reason. Good or bad, you came here. Live under these laws. We revere another document, called the constitution. Live under that law, or be punished. Same goes for fundamentalist whatevers (Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.)

5. You have no right to the US taxpaying public funding mosques, foot washing basins, prayer rooms, etc. Want them? Find a space and make your own. Pay for it out of your pocket, not the states.

6. For those that are ignorant, realize what the Koran tells it’s followers regarding your status as an infidel. Learn what it says. Realize that while many Muslims just want to get along, they support the mosques that preach hate and preach such things as Dhimmitude. Understand that they support the preaching of hate, and murder, and death and Sharia. Understand that the ultimate goal of the Islamic world is domination and eventual conversion (or death) of all infidels. It is OK to lie, cheat, or whatever is necessary to further this goal, as long as the lies are to an infidel. It is OK to murder an infidel.

Don’t hide the truth. Understand it.

7. I, in no way, wish to see any Muslims deported, corralled, hurt, injured, incarcerated, harassed, or in any way wish to see their civil rights trampled. But neither do I wish to allow them to either trample my rights, nor should they be given any extra rights just because they are a Muslim minority.

8. Freedom to practice your religion is a fundamental right, recognized and stated in the Constitution. But those rights to practice your religion have limits when it comes to others. Deal with the limits or find another country.

Rant off

Please resume your normal day. Thank you for reading.

ETA: for those Muslims reading this, HERE are a few hints on how to get along.