This law, but not that law

Seems the sheriff of Maricopa County AZ, Sheriff Joe Arapio is not supposed to find, arrest or detain illegals on the streets of his county.

Seems that ICE has caved to the whining complaints of the ACLU.

Forget about the fact that the Sheriff is a sworn law enforcement officer, and that laws are being broken. Forget about the fact that he is arresting those who are illegally in this country. Forget about the fact that he is doing what ICE won’t or can’t do.

IIRC, the Sheriff is the top Lawdog in his county, and his authority trumps even the feds within the borders of his county.

If ICE is unable or unwilling to do their job, they should stay out of the way of someone who will do it for them. Perhaps someone should charge the ICE staff with dereliction of duty or something….In court.