Who are the criminals here?

So aren’t the mayor of New York and his minions now part of conspiracy to break the law?

Seems that they participated in an illegal gun buying spree…..

Even more if they bought guns in other states….Generally a face to face private sale requires the buyer and seller to both be residents of the state in which the purchase is being made….

Seems that there are a lot of laws being broken here, and not just the ones the mayor is whining about…..”Straw purchase”, which gets you, IIRC, 10 years, to start. Then, of course, entering into a conspiracy to cross state lines to engage in a straw purchase. They engaged in this illegal activity 22 times! Where are the feds? Why aren’t the perpetrators being prosecuted for their crimes?

And the question that I have is: If the person selling or buying the firearm is willing to break the law , how is another law going to change anything?

But then again, I never accused liberals of paying any attention to “logic”.