The weight of your carry gun is ligher than the weight of the regret you might carry for the rest of your life…..

Go HERE or HERE to learn why we should all own a firearm and know how (and especially when!) to use it.

This is the type of scenario that makes me suggest to every firearm owner the following:




Having a firearm is not in itself a skill. You must learn how to handle it. If you don’t know, get instruction. Having the knowledge, the muscle memory and the hand eye coordination that comes with practice (and more practice and more after that) is what allows people to overcome the fear and the shock of a situation……and get the job done. You have to keep those skills sharp too. Hone them at least monthly. Further, you need to take the time to think where when and how you will deploy your firearm. Game out scenarios in common social situations and environments. At the bank, the grocery store, the Kwiki-Mart etc. Plan your cover and concealment (if applicable to the location). No plan you can make will survive the first few seconds of an actual encounter as details of the situation will always be different, but you will have the advantage of having thought things through, which is more than most people ever do.

If you can in your AO, get a CCL and carry. But even if you can’t (such as in Illinois), still have the forethought to plan what happens in your home. Room by room plan things out.

It could save your life…..or even more important, the life of a loved one.

Become a sheepdog!

Or learn to say BAAAAHHHH.

Your choice.