Israel ain’t kidding

They are gonna bail on things if Obama doesn’t keep the status quo as to Israel and the Islamic states that threaten them.

I’d bail, were I them, because Obama is gonna hang them out to dry anyway….

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I guess it comes down to “either you fix it, or we will”.

My guess is that Mr. Obama won’t step up. So the state of Irael will do what is best for the state of Israel.

Bet that the rest of the islamic states just stand there and watch, as they are effectively powerless to stop it.

They will cry and moan, and scream about the innocent people killed and the violation of airspace and all that, but in the end, they will respect Israel as a worthy adversary, rather than a pushover like the US under Mr. Obama.

Of course, we all know that the Iranians are only enriching uranium for peaceful purposes. We can trust ’em….sure we can……they haven’t ever broken promises before.