I just talked to my Dad (who actually reads this blog) and he pointed out that some of my posts are somewhat inflammatory. (I mean them to be, btw).

He said that I come close to crossing the line, and wonders if someday “they” are gonna come haul me off. Could be that that will happen. I doubt it, but it could.

So much for free speech…..My parents fear the government enough to worry about my safety. Is this freedom? I appreciate the fact that they worry about me, but the fact that they worry about my freedom and well being due to this insignificant blog and the subjects and opinions that I post make me wonder if this country still has freedom of speech.

I love my country, I do NOT trust my government at all. But I am saddened that my parents fear for my safety. I am saddened because this is in effect, fear that the constitution will be discarded. A fear that jackbooted thugs will haul their son off in the middle of the night because of an opinion.

A free man does not fear his government. A slave fears his master. Tyrants are feared. A subject fears his ruler.

I fear many things. But I do not fear that “they” will take me away. If “they” should decide to do so, so be it (if there are enough of them, they will). I will fight the best I know how. But I do not fear. I do know that some might find themselves or their cohorts a wee bit ventilated perforated damaged during my arrest.

But I am saddened that my parents (who are at least partially responsible for my attitudes and values), who taught me love of country and appreciation that I was born a US citizen, now fear for my safety from some government official because of a bit of published opinion.

I am sad for them and sad for the country. I am sorrowful that it has come to the point that they fear their government. What has this country come to? Why have we let it become so? Why have we done nothing to change it? Why do we allow it?

Would our founding fathers be proud of what we have let this country become?

I think not.

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association:
I am reminded of the cannibal paradox. The paradox is that there are a lot of people in starvation scenarios who turn to cannibalism and starve anyways. They starve because the cannibalism taboo is so strong that they wait too long and are past the point of no return before they do what they need to survive. There is [also] a point of no return when it comes to revolution.