If you read this blog, you have probably heard about the “Tea Party” protests scheduled for April 15th. I urge everyone to attend their nearest protest. Enough people attending will force the MSM to acknowledge and report on them. Only with this exposure will the movement begin to have an effect. Thus far, the MSM has essentially declined to report on the protests.

Taxed Enough Already. TEA.

If you can, I urge you to attend.

For a list of protests and locations, go to and find your most convenient location. Attend if you can. Tell others if you can. Go with friends. Have fun. Be safe. be loud, but don’t get arrested. But go.

I realize that most people reading this are likely employed, and attending a protest will be difficult because of work, but try, please.

I’ll be in Chicago that day, and I will attend that protest.

Please, attend and be heard.