Failure is success today.

Y’know, I feel like an idiot.

I listened to my parents, and emulated them.

Buy a house that I could afford, and pay a bit extra each month and pay it off as soon as you can.

Don’t get in over your head.

build equity.

Pay for toys after you have paid your bills.

ANd what did it get me? Bupkis. Yet the guy down the street, who never paid more than his minimum payment (interest only I might add) kept refinancing his home every time he could get an appraiser to say that it was worth morenand took cash out each time and bought a boat, 2 Harleys, and ATV, a new home entertainement center, 2 new BMW’s (and a Mercedes SUV). He’s the guy who makes me feel unsuccesful.

He gets help from Obama and the Democrats. I, because I am not behind, and have, if not sacrificed, at least haven’t spent in a profligate manner, get nothing.

I am pissed. Now I wish that I had spent my way into foreclosure like my neighbor so I could get my principal reduced and my mortgage payment knocked down to 31% of my income. (right now, my mortgage is higher than that!)

Next time the parental units give advice, I think I’ll ignore it…..Seems the rules they played by have changed.