Feel free to be indignant and hurt.

But don’t expect someone to stop saying something just because it offends you. Free speech is important. I do NOT like the message the KKK has (and where I live, there are more than a few KKK members!). But I will fight to the death to ensure that they have the right to spew their offensive message.

But to quell free speech just because someone is offended is a VERY slippery slope. I have read the constitution cover to cover. Nowhere in those (to me) sacred words do I see a right to NOT be offended. If something I say offends you, stop reading, stop listening, move away. Choose not to buy my newspaper (if I publish one) or my blog (in this case) if you feel strongly enough, boycott my advertisers if you choose. But don’t take a single step on that slippery slope that could end up in censorship. If we have the right to censor people because their words might offend others, then I have a long, long list of people to be muzzled. These are the people who cry loudest to have others stifled because they do not like the message.

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Edited to add: Still not satisfied. Screw ’em