The DNC folks

Just can’t stop lying, can they?


“He had a cold”

“Just a Bad Day”


“Fully able to continue his duties”

DO they really think anyone who has more than 2 working neurons is gonna believe the lies? Or is it just to convince the folks who would vote for the Nominee no matter who he was or even if they were dead?

7 thoughts on “The DNC folks

  1. What gets me, although it DOES appear to be gradually turning, is people still treat the lying liars the same as they did before they learned for certain they’re being lied to.
    When someone lies to you, repeatedly, and to your detriment, you eventually conclude this person is not trustworthy, and will lie and cheat me, to my detriment. Typically you limit your contact as much as possible, with people like that. Yet even after having a 5-minute conversation about how utterly corrupt and lying the media is after seeing the debate, some choad will go on to start the next sentence with “OMG, you’re not going to believe what I heard on CNN the other day…”

  2. and even”its all that flying around the world he’s been doing, jet lag.” even though everybody knows he was at camp david for a week resting. personally i hope they keep him in.


    And the people they appeal to don’t care that we know. But those people believe we are the uneducated morons that cannot think for ourselves?

    The left relies on emotion and not logic and do not want to see the facts in front us.

  4. Based on past history there are millions of morons who will fall for these lies. Which is why they mouth them. Lying in politics works. And has worked for forever.

  5. “The sun was in his eyes”

    “He was up past his bedtime”

    “He didn’t have his nap”

    “He was up all night curing cancer and solving quadratic equations in Mandarin, while filling out the NYTimes crossword in 6 minutes with his right foot, and doing masters-level sudoku puzzles with his left foot, while listening to Rosetta Stone Level IV Sanskrit for the Dalai Lama’s upcoming visit.”

    “Joe couldn’t hear the debate questions because God was talking to him”

    “He was tired after taking Chuck Norris down in four straight back-to-back matches right before the debate”.

    “He was reliving his PTSD from climbing the beanstalk, stealing the goose that laid the golden eggs, and chopping down the beanstalk before the giant could come down.”


    Monkeys fly outta my butt, too.

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