As you do whatever you do on this July 4th, please remember the reason this date is a holiday…..The day we celebrate as the day our nation was birthed. Like most births, it came with blood and pain, but in the end, there was a nation like no other on the planet. This was the date on the document the declared the United States

The Declaration, and the Constitution…. those documents are what set this nation apart from all others.

The Declaration told the world, and the King of England, that we were no longer a vassal state.

Thus we have Independence Day.

(While it really should be Sept 17…(the date of the Constitution) that celebrates as the birth of our country, we chose to do so on July 4th (although even using the Declaration, it should really be the 2nd))


I only wish people would refer to it as “Independence Day”, rather than “The 4th of July” so that they would remember WHY we celebrate.

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  1. seconded. been correcting people all day. and remember, this day off brought to you by personal ownership of GUNS.

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