Remember this:

If they can twist the Justice System…the Rule of Law, to suit themselves in order to persecute a person like Donald Trump,…

Then they can do even worse to you or me.

If we are no longer a country of laws…Laws that apply equally to everyone, and that cannot change on a whim,

Then we, as a country, are no longer better than places like Mexico or Venezuela or Columbia …where the Law can be bought and sold at a whim. Where there is no Justice, only Power. Where there is no real Law, only what the powerful say it is today….

This is what the DNC and the Media have created for you, and me and every other citizen of the once proud USA….all in an attempt to keep ONE person from running for president.


I guess I’m not the only one who thinks that, either:


4 thoughts on “Remember this:

  1. The Rule of Law has been dead for quite a while. Some people need more to open their eyes to that fact. Now the socialists have provided that.

    Remember, the socialists ignore Rule #1 in Hole Digging. Corollary; do not interrupt when the enemy is making a mistake.

  2. “If they can do it to a President, they can do it to anyone”
    Been watching that for almost 4 years with the J6 prisoners.
    And if you count the fact that Obama openly weaponized the government against Americans….

  3. They’re already doing it.

    Set up a person with misdemeanor charges that secretly get upgraded to felony charges.

    Try to force a plea bargain that would stain the record of the person.

    If the person fights the charges, then the Prosecutor’s office will reschedule, reschedule, reschedule and the person and his/her lawyer will only find out about it when they get to that day’s court date.

    Think about it. Secret charges. Attempting forcing guilty admission. And every month, for a year or years, having to take a day off from work to find out that the court case is, once again, postponed.

    And if you miss a court date, even if you call in and give an excellent answer like, “My wife was admitted to the hospital at 3am today,” they’ll file “Failure to Appear” charges on you, most likely at 4:55pm on a Friday afternoon and you won’t get the notice till the following Tuesday or later, meanwhile you get jerked out of your house at 6am on Sunday.

    All so they can get ‘Arrested’ and ‘Criminal Charges Filed’ on your background record.

    Happened to me, has happened to friends of mine.

    They’ve been using lawfare and bullshit charges and proced.ures against normal people for decades, all the while letting real criminals off

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