Of course if they hadn’t given it away to illegal immigrants

And disabled folks, and people who came to the country without a means to support them (legal or not) and people who never paid into the system and all sort of others that it was never intended for, there’d likely be enough for those of us that paid into the system….


Social Security cuts coming, maybe as much as 20+ % 

4 thoughts on “Of course if they hadn’t given it away to illegal immigrants

  1. I’m going with “the usual Democrat Party Election Year Scare Tactics”
    There won’t be cuts. Despite the Democrat Party media, they won’t be able to blame Republicans.
    They will push for higher taxes on “the rich” or raise the retirement age to 90
    The money will always be there, if it comes from the FICA taxes or general funds.
    One thing the Democrats will never do, is have a serious discussion about SS and the payouts.
    It’s not just retirees……
    Remember during the Obama years, the biggest job growth were people getting on SS disability………………..

  2. Social Security,, IT’S Actually My Entitlement. If They could be held accountable for their actions we would be a lot better off. Funny how we don’t get the headlines warning that the money for illegal aliens is Running Out.. But what is Owed to us? Well now,,
    I agree with Matt, it’s a Scare tactic. If anyone should be scared, I’d say whoever actually Does cut it would have a buncha pisstawff geezers looking for hizzass. You know what comes with that Fixed Income?
    A Very flexible schedule and not schittelse.

  3. Funny how WELFARE is NEVER on the chopping block…

    Welfare… The greatest vote-buying scheme EVER devised by man…

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