It’s a start

Now, after firing him, charge him with murder.


After all, if you or I had done what the cop did, WE would be charged.

Of if we had shot a cop simply because he had a gun in his hand, perceiving a threat ..,, We’d be lucky the other cops didn’t shoot us then or later (or fall down the stairs several times in the jail).

This won’t ever be right, but it will be less wrong when the cop does jail time for murder.

2 thoughts on “It’s a start

  1. there was a time, when i was a cop, that we were held to a much higher standard regarding use of force than the civilians. now its the other way around. and when it comes to the atf/feds there is no standard at all. no conducive to public trust.

  2. For all the “Support The Police” movements, incidents such as this give pause to outright condemning the “Defund The Police” movement. If this poor excuse for a public servant gets charged AND convicted of murder (and placed in general population) – and such action happens to other officers that forget their place – perhaps the police wouldn’t be in the “Only if I have to” category with the public.

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