6 thoughts on “He’s getting worse:

  1. Yeah, the optics on this one is as bad as you can imagine.

  2. he’ll be doped to the gills and put on a great performance. or the studio will ai dub it all since there won’t be any witnesses in the audience.

  3. Old boss ? The gay Kenyan mulatto is still the boss..He’s been running the gubmint since 2008.But,but,Trump! Bosh. Trump foolishly left Osambo’s entire regime in place during his term.

  4. Kind of confusing as to why they haven’t yanked Pedo Joe. His incompetency and dementia is blatantly obvious, they can’t deny it. Makes one wonder if the Biden Family Crime Syndicate is blackmailing the DNC to keep them from yanking Joe from the ticket. Without doubt they have tons of dirt on many commies in the DNC who would rather not be outed. We may very well be stuck with Pedo Joe till he croaks.

  5. they can’t pull him until the convention, if then. i think they’ll weekend at bernie him until the bitter end. there really isn’t anyone else on their side that all the players agree on. obamy isn’t running the country now any more than he was then. that was obvious when pelosi et al rammed obamacare down his throat.

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