Respec’ Mah Authoriteh!

So the cops in Louisville have covered themselves in Glory….No matter how you look at this, it’s gonna give them a black eye in the minds of the public. There is no way to “spin” out of this

Seems that they were investigating a traffic incident at the PGA Golf tournament….And a major player, Scotty Scheffler, was arrested for failing to comply with their commands to stop….

The best part is that a cop “Attached himself to the car” and was somehow injured,,, and they are blaming his injuries on Mr. Sheffler….IN fact they are charging him with assaulting the cop who somehow “Attached Himself”.

Their heavy handed practices are only coming to light because of the celebrity of the person they used them on….if it had been you or me or most anyone else, they’d get away with it.

Look: I am all for our police. We, as a society, need them. But it is about time that they realize that they are not our masters, they don’t have special privileges, we are not subservient to them, and they have to play nice with us. If they can’t, then they don’t need to be cops.

I find it interesting that Mr. Scheffler was processed and released in record time….. Someone in the department has some intelligence and some sense….But the cop didn’t. All he  knew was the Mr Scheffler didn’t obey…..and that made him angry.

3 thoughts on “Respec’ Mah Authoriteh!

  1. saw this coming years ago, when they started hiring combat vets right out of the military with no “cooling off period”. the whole thing becomes militarized, friend vs foe, enemies not citizens, mission not justice. that, following the transition from peace officer to law enforcement officer in the 80/90’s. the local swat team wears us army issue gear head to toe, drive an mrap no less. little wonder they get carried away. from the sounds coming from the hills here, that’ll cost them one day.

  2. To expand on what you said, B, and what riverrider said, this will not end well when the crunch happens, because the cops will need to adjust their mindset and perspective to not being important, and that will be difficult for many of them.

  3. We are now just a ⅛ of a c*nt hair from ACAB.
    Remember when they were police and not LE?
    99+% of them have no idea what the Constitution is or what “laws” they are ‘enforcing’ and WAAAAAY too many look like tatted up gang bangers.

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