Not what you expect from Frat Boys

But, apparently, despite the image, there is a streak of patriotism in the Fraternity system:

Patriotic frat boys valiantly protected an American flag on the campus of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill even while being pelted by water bottles from pro-Palestine protestors. 

Footage emerged on social media showing the group of male students from the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity holding onto the stars and stripes during a Tuesday protest. Pro-Palestine groups lobbed bottles of water at the group who clutched the flag as they were screamed at by masked protestors.

Maybe it was  a put up job, maybe they were really doing it. I dunno. But it does appear that they were protecting the flag.


The protesters who pull down the American Flag and put up a “Palestinian” flag? Yeah, they should be allowed to go to Gaza and live there. But since their loyalties are not to the US, they should not get any US money to go to school, either.

2 thoughts on “Not what you expect from Frat Boys

  1. Had a thought today…the conservative media is all a’slobbering because the police are tearing apart the UCLA demonstration site.
    My thought…what if that was just “practice” for the police. Practice for when conservative players protest another stolen election this November.

  2. I expect patriotism from south of the Mason-Dixon line; I believe the frat boys protected the flag sincerely.

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