Leftover wars

The Fridge is dying, and the new one will be delivered tomorrow…So I cleaned out the fridge and freezer and moved things to the big chest freezer in the basement and the garage fridge. I tossed a bunch of stuff out, but decided to eat a few of the leftovers in the fridge and freezer (rather than throw ’em out) yesterday evening..

I had a half portion of pasta with meat sauce from the Flying Noodle, some Beef with Broccoli from Golden Harbor, a half a burrito (with hot sauce), and a single smoked polish sausage…All from great places to eat.

I think the Wops are fighting the Spics, and the Chinks are shelling both sides. I’m not sure which side the Polacks are fighting for…. Someone  has used napalm and maybe tactical nukes.   I dunno for sure. . But my innards are a battlefield wasteland.


You’d think I’d know better.

2 thoughts on “Leftover wars

  1. There are easier methods for self torture, but you have already admitted that.


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