High quality people there

A Historically Black University held a graduation…..

There was not enough room for all the families.

So the folks outside broke out the windows and rattled and forced open doors.

The graduation was cancelled. 

“Because of the size of the room and because our relatives sometimes do not know how to act, the fire department is now here to shut us down,'”

Something weird about black people and crowds. .

6 thoughts on “High quality people there

  1. Sigh…..yeap, I stole this and put it on my FB page. I’m sure the “other” side of the family will see this and fume.
    I’ve seen this in high school graduations….the speak/announcer/DEI talker will request that “…no one should shout a grads name or applaud until the end of the ceremony…” Then a chuckle head will yelp a kids name and then a second one and then “they” do it for everyone….kinda like, “if I don’t do it; no one will see how proud I am…”
    And these are supposedly adults that have spent years in the military!

  2. At all of my daughter’s graduations, (pre k, K, Jr high, High school) There were people that hooted and hollered like it was their first time in a public setting…..

  3. They are intellectually stunted.
    “Erectus Walks Among Us” – R. Fuerle downloadable.
    DEI/A Action is the only way they advance.

  4. Itr culturally. They can’t seem to help themselves. Get enough of them in one location and you eventually reach a critical mass where things magically go south.

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