Expect something to happen to Slow Joe:

Apparently Biden called for a debate on June 27th.

43 days from today.

I fully expect that Slow Joe will have an “issue” just before the debate, as we all know he would not be able to hold his own. Even in a scripted format such as has been proposed, there is no way Joe can hang….

Something will have to give….a stroke, heart attack, a terrorist attack, trip-and-fall, something will happen to give Joe an out.


Bet on it.

7 thoughts on “Expect something to happen to Slow Joe:

  1. I think he is being set up for a fall. A fall meaning, the truth of his dementia being blatantly slabbered across the air waves.

  2. I’d be amazed if they let Pedo Joe debate anyone…ever. A monkey from the zoo would make him look bad.

  3. Pretty sure they’ve decided it’s time to toss him under the bus. The part I’m curious about is what are they going to do with Kamel-Toe

  4. The only two people who really want Biden to debate President Trump are Jimmy Carter and Obama.

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