We are all gonna drown

Because “Sea Levels are Rising”.


Except that they aren’t.

In many places the “rate of Sea Level Rise” is measured in inches per decade or less….in fact, much of that might be due to errors in measurement.

In fact, may of the island nations that were touted to soon disappear in the past 40 years…. “Entire cultures and languages will soon be extinct!! ” are actually gaining slightly in land area.

Islands That Climate Alarmists Said Would Soon “Disappear” Due to Rising Sea Found to Have Grown in Size

Hmmm. all this evidence and yet the Green Folks keep telling us that the climate is being destroyed by the works of Man and that the oceans are rising because of it….but the actual evidence says otherwise.

Much like Sea Ice, the measurements call ’em liars. Of course, the Media still gives them a platform for their lies. One wonders why that is.

3 thoughts on “We are all gonna drown

  1. When I was a kid I fished at a really low-lying spot at the end of a road on Long Island. When moon tides came the water would back up into the road through the storm drains. I went back to that spot over 40 years later. Guess what; ZERO CHANGE. By the Climate Cult’s yardstick that whole road should be under water right now…

  2. Mr Obama, PBUH, is bravely throwing himself, King Tenure style, between we muggles and Deh Rizen! Oceanz!, by residing, seaside, in Martha’s Vinyard, among his many large mansions.

    Wotta Guy!

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