How about just plain “NO!” instead?


ETA: As pointed out in the comments, NEITHER SIDE IS WILLING TO PROVIDE MONEY FOR BORDER SECURITY...Not even an attempt to get that funding. But they’ll vote on Ukraine funding.


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House Speaker Mike Johnson has been subsumed by the Swamp.

Once, not that long ago, before he was Speaker, he was opposed to any additional aid for Ukraine.


“this is the best possible product that we can get under these circumstances, to take care of these really important obligations”, 

What obligations? Why do we owe the folks in power in the Ukraine Government anything? Why do we need to give them any MORE money? The rest of Europe can do their part to stop Russia, why should we spend more billions of dollars we really don’t have? Remember, we’ve already sent over a hundred billion dollars…. I might consider sending aid to Ukraine if they’d cut $60 billion of aid to other countries, or to the welfare rolls, or maybe actually close the border and send all those millions of illegals back to save a couple of tens of billions in cost there. But that isn’t happening.

The best outcome, the best “product” we could get would be a resounding “Not” vote .


One wonders how much he is being paid to change his views and push the vote forward? what changed his mind on Ukraine aid?


2 thoughts on “How about just plain “NO!” instead?

  1. And yet , no money for border security. I’m sure he will find pedo joe some money to expedite getting the ILLEGALS in quicker though, f#cking communist.

  2. i truly doubt he was bought. his family threatened, i’m sure. a bought man isn’t bowed down and ashamed of himself like johnson is now. no, he has the look of a man forced to eat their shit, not paid to do it. lord help him, and lord help us.

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